As Tamar in Tamar da Timna

The leading singer of the performance was soprano Christina Hager, a beautiful singer gifted with a powerful high register, who has already started on a successful career.

For her rendition of Un bel di

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"Christina Hager showed warmth in voice and character, along with stunning high notes in "Un bel di vedremo." Her legato, color, and acting places her among the great sopranos famous for this role."

As Eva in Evita

Holly Wall

Hager's rendition of the musical's anthem, "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," in the second act is perfect.
It's chilling, full of emotion, and easily the best thing she sings all night -- maybe even the best thing anyone sings all night.

Evita keeps audiences 'intriguingly off-balance'

James D. Watts, Jr, Tulsa World

Still, there are politicians who truly believe the things they say, which is how Christina Hager portrays Evita.
It's a performance that keeps the audience intriguingly off balance - one is never quite sure how to take this Evita, or what to believe about her. She sang "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" with such beauty and fervor that it sounded like a cry from the heart and then spat out the lyrics to "Rainbow High," as Evita prepares for a tour of Europe, with a venomous fury.

As Lilli/Kate in Kiss me, Kate

Holly Wall, Urban Tulsa

"Every member of its cast contributes to the show's success. Its four leads have the most opportunity to shine, belting their solos with grace and ease. Their characters are likeable and their talent is undeniable....Hager is someone I definitely expect to see appearing in LOOK shows in the future."

As Lilli/Kate in Kiss me, Kate

James D. Watts, Jr, Tulsa World

"...Hager does a raucous job with Katharine's "I Hate Men," while her performances of "So in Love" and "I Am Ashamed that Women Are So Simple" showed her more lyrical side." "The romantic and comedic chemistry between Loyd and Hager is just about perfect. Both are willing to look completely foolish in love and war, and the scene in which they engage in hand-to-hand combat while spouting Shakespeare is staged with knockabout energy the sort of fight choreography that looks perfectly natural."

As Despina in Cosi fan Tutte

Alexander Kent

"(Despina) is a gravy role with so much to play with, and Christina Hager knocks it out of the park blindfolded - especially when she is disguised as a doctor that appears to be a hybrid of Albert Einstein and Groucho Marks. I do hope Shreveport Opera brings her back in the future."

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